Warhorse Studios, famous for developing the Mafia series and Operation Flashpoint, have licensed Crytek’s CryEngine 3 to develop a new RPG. The announcement came from Crytek, although very little was reveled about the new title, however Warhorse states it the game will combine an open-world experience with a rich story and innovative gameplay elements. Below is a quote from Warhorse executive producer Martin Klima, who talks about why Warhorse chose CryEngine 3 for their new game.

“We looked at every major technology out there and CryENGINE 3 suits our needs perfectly. We are confident it will allow us to make the vision for our game come true,”

An RPG using the CryEngine 3 — oh the possibilities. We can’t wait to see what Warhorse has in mind. We’ll let you know when more information on the game is revealed.

Source: Crytek