Square Enix has confirmed a slew of PlayStation 2 classics will be available on the PSN (in Europe anyway) in the coming weeks, with the first title, Just Cause releasing today. Other titles include the PC classic, Deus Ex (Deus Ex: The Conspiracy here in the states).

Keep in mind, some levels in the PS2 version of Deus Ex were changed and chopped down into smaller areas separated by load-screens, due to memory limitations of the system. The PC version of the original Deus Ex Game of the Year Edition is available on STEAM right now for $9.99. If that isn’t an option for you, the PS2 version should do just fine.

There is no word on if these classics will make it to the North American PlayStation Store, although we can’t see why they wouldn’t. We’ll keep you updated. Below is the full list of titles and the announcement from Square Enix’s Ben Bateman.

“With technology and gaming evolving at an ever increasing rate, it’s nice to sit back and take the time to enjoy the classics. With that in mind we’re continuing our mission to bring some of the Square Enix (and Eidos Interactive) classics to the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live. The process is not easy and can sometimes take an extremely long time, but we’re getting there and it’s totally worth it. We hope this gives you the opportunity to rekindle your youth, and for the youngsters amonst you, a chance to see where it all began.

Starting today fans can get the original Just Cause on the PlayStation Network. Join Rico Rodriguez in his mission to overthrow a dictator and kickstart a revolution. This game is built on being pure sandbox fun in an open world like no other. If you’ve never played it, we highly recommend you rectify your mistake. But that’s not all. Grab these fantastic PlayStation 2 classics in the coming weeks.”

Just Cause
Date: 9th May 2012
Price: €9.99 / £7.99

Deus Ex
Date: 16th May 2012
Price: €9.99 / £7.99

Conflict Desert Storm 2
Date: 23rd May 2012
Price: €9.99 / £7.99

Conflict Vietnam
Date: 30th May 2012
Price: €6.99 / £5.49

Source: SquareEnix

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