That was fast! It has only been a few hours since the announcement of The Elder Scrolls Online and we already have the first details and screenshots — leaked from the upcoming Game Informer reveal. While these screens are far from “direct feed” they do the job showing us what to expect visually from TESO.

Tamriel features three alliances which users can join, each consisting of three races to chose from. “The Nords, Dunmer (Dark Eves) and Argonians make up the Ebonheart Pact. Forming the Aldmeri Dominion are the Altmer (High Elves), Bosmer (Wood Elves) and Khajiit. Finally the Daggerfall Covenant consisting of Breatons, Redguard and Orcs make up the third available alliance”, writes xbigygames.

Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios “checks in every once in a while” to work together with the development team’s loremasters. Random events are said to play a major as well.

More details are sure to be revealed in the coming days but you can see all the screens from the Game Informer cover story here. Also, be sure to click on the last picture showing GI’s “what’s in, what’s out” list which gives a ton of info.


UPDATE: Bethesda has just released the game’s announcement trailer, which revealed nothing new (as is the case with most debut or “teaser” trailers). Watch it below.

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