The demo for Sega’s upcoming Sonic Generations was released yesterday, and sure enough, someone was able to “dissect” it, grab some important information from the game, and post it on the Internet. Sega quickly pulled the forum post down by way of a copyright claim, but you just know someone was able to grab the info…

– Green Hill Zone
– Chemical Plant Zone
– Sky Sanctuary Zone
– Speed Highway
– City Escape
– Seaside Hill
– Crisis City
– Rooftop Run
– Planet Wisp
– Casino Night Zone
Boss fights
– Metal Sonic
– Shadow
– Silver
– “Death Egg”
– Perfect Chaos
– Egg Dragoon
– Boss LastBoss (TimeEater)

In other Sonic news, we want to wish a Happy Birthday to blue hedgehog, he turned 20 yesterday.

Source: GamesThirst