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Release: 06/28/2000 2 Sec 2 Sec Release: 03/27/2003
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Retro Head2Head: Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Length: 5:19

We go Head2Head with Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for the Original Xbox and Sega Dreamcast to see which version is superior.

“Choose your alter ego” Welcome back for another Retro Head2Head. This week, we focus our lens on the arcade classic “Marvel Vs Capcom 2”. What better way to celebrate the release of MVC 3 with the game that inspired it! We all know that this game was one of Dreamcast’s trophy titles and one which is considered by many to be an “Arcade perfect port”! So stick around to see which combo-stomping version wins the title of The “True arcade port”!


How we captured: Both games have been captured using S video cables for both systems, and our capture device set to default to ensure an equal and level playing ground.

Graphics/Sound: Marvel vs. Capcom 2 was ported form the arcade and to the Dreamcast June 29th 2000. The arcade version ran off what was called the “Naomi board”. Finally In 2003 the Xbox got its chance to support this great fighter. As we all know, Marvel Vs Capcom 2 was considered a near flawless port for the Dreamcast. With that said, how did the Xbox do against a port considered to be Arcade perfect? Well, we’re here to answer that, and the Xbox did surprisingly well!

Between the two versions the sprites looked pretty close, the characters, 3d backgrounds, animations and effects seem to flow well between the two, although the Dreamcast definitely looks more polished throughout. At first, both games appeared to look identical, but a closer look through our lens speaks another story. For example: look at the first set of rollovers on the first page of this post. Here we see Captain America ready to brawl on the “Ruby Heart Air ship stage”. Now look closely in the background. Notice anything missing? It appears the Xbox is missing assets, right? Well actually, those assets are there, they are just masked by that “overpowering” fog on the Xbox. Now this really wouldn’t be that big of deal if it were an isolated incident, but that just isn’t the case. The overabundance of fog used on the Xbox version is also found in “swamp stage”.(last set of rollover on 1st page)

At first it’s really obvious that there’s too much fog in the “swamp” stage. Then as time progress it seemed like some of that overabundance fog begins to dissipate, which can be seen in our analysis video. Another difference in the two versions of MVC 2 is the actual screen resolution of each game. Surprisingly the Xbox has a slightly larger image size then the Dreamcast, but that’s not always a good thing. Hence why the Xbox looks slightly blurry, and less colorful. Also, it’s apparent that the Xbox is stretching the image, causing the game to appear washed out and less vibrant than the Dreamcast. With that said, it’s quite obvious which version we chose to win the graphics category. Due to the reasons mentioned above, it was unanimous that the Dreamcast, graphically, still holds the title as the “Arcade perfect port”!


Performance/Controls: Thank heavens both versions performed nearly identical to the arcade version. Fortunately, due to the fast paced nature of the game, MVC 2 wouldn’t be the same if slowdowns or dropped frames were continuously occurring. Imagine how damaging this would be for a precision air-launched combo. As performance goes, these two remain at a deadlock!

In the control section, the Xbox and Dreamcast’s default controllers are definitely not the right fit for this type of fighting game, period. A 6-button arcade stick is definitely necessary and without it, MVC 2 is not nearly the same. With that said, both systems tie in the controls section due to the fact that neither system ships with an arcade stick.

Loading: Surprisingly, both games had very similar load times. The Xbox averaged a load time of 1-2 seconds slower than its counterpart which barely makes it a winner in this category.

Roll over the image to see the Differences. Notice: the Xbox version is being stretched.

Roll over the image to see the differences.

Roll over the image to see the differences.

Roll over the image to see the differences.

Roll over the image to see the differences.

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