The Wall Street Journal is reporting that sources close to Sony say the company did consider making the PlayStation 4 a download-only console, but ultimately decided against it due to Internet connections being “too inconsistent around the world”.

“Because game files are large, customers in countries where Internet connections are relatively slow would be hobbled by a requirement to download games.”, the report states. WSJ’s sources also say Sony is planning for a 2013 release for the PS4. If true, this 2013 date matches up with the first PlayStation 4, or “Orbis” report from Kotaku a few months back — Holiday 2013.

Apparently, and for the same concerns (access to Internet bandwidth), Microsoft is also planning on including an optical disc drive in the Next Xbox, according to the source. This would go against MCV’s report back in March that claimed the successor to the 360 wouldn’t include a disc drive.

With E3 kicking off next week, we’re sure to hear more about….actually no, we probably won’t hear a damn thing about either console at this E3, but the speculation sure is interesting. We are definitely hoping this report ends up being true, and can continue adding more shelves to our entertainment areas for a new generation of games to sit on. How about you, do you like collections? Or would you be happy to see a disc-less console? Let us know below.

Source: Wall Street Journal