Sony fans remember this quote “The next gen doesn’t start until we say it does”, well boys and girls they mean business this time… unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should already know that the PlayStation 4 has been announced and its KICK ASS!!!! But the big question around the biz is how much and when, well LOT has your answer, Sony will be releasing  two models. The base model will retail for $429, and the premium is slated for $529.

The Spec differences like Hard Drive space and such is still unclear but the pricing and release date is a fact. How did we get this information you asked… A little bird told us :) . Anyway, Considering the hardware specs, see pic below, those price points are actually very reasonable if you ask us. The system will be released November 17 2013 (United States), and the entire staff is counting the seconds. Just in case you missed some of the trailers we’ve compiled what was previewed yesterday.. Enjoy.




Killzone: Shadow Fall

Evolution Studios Announces DriveClub

Infamous: Second Son

Capcom Deep Down

Watch Dogs

Bungie’s Destiny

Blizzard Diablo


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