I’m sure you’ve all heard of a little RPG for the Super Nintendo called Earthbound, right? Well the first game in the series, titled, MOTHER, was released only in Japan for the Famicom system (the NES). Obviously, the original NEVER had an English translation.  This wouldn’t really matter to most people except for the fact that its sequel, Earthbound was released in the US, and through the years has gained a massive following bringing a lot of interest to the original. On Friday, an unofficial fan-made translation of MOTHER 1 (and 2) for the Game Boy Advance were released. Where can you get it? Get the details below.

Here’s a brief summary from one of the creators.

  • Mother 1+2 is the Game Boy Advance compilation port of the first two games
  • The focus of the patch is the Mother 1 side – the Mother 2 side has basic menus and such translated but I’d definitely point you to EarthBound for the Super NES instead, even if the Mother 2 side had been fully translated.
  • It’s generally tough for EarthBound fans to really get into the first game – this translation is intended to make it more accessible/enjoyable in a handful of different ways. It’s not an “omg the official translation butchered the original” thing. I’ve never liked that approach to fan translations.
  • I’ve also released all the tools, files, and source code I used to make the patch so that other people can easily translate the game into other languages and make their own simple hacks.

Get ALL the details Here.