Lens of Truth is about to become E3 Central.

Tomorrow morning at 8 AM sharp, two of our veteran writers, D.R. Maddock and Burke Kearney will be storming the sunny shores of Los Angeles for the biggest gaming convention of the year. And everything they see will be right here. All our coverage will be the same no-holds-barred examinations you’re used to here at Lens, and we’ll be cutting right to what we really see when we put E3 under the lens. Conferences, game demos, developer interviews; it will all be here. Non-stop coverage will be rolling out for the rest of the week.

Can’t wait for the coverage to roll out though? We’ve got your back. We’ll have up to the minute updates rolling out over twitter via @Lensoftruth. Or if you want a more personal flavor, you can follow our writers @DRMaddock and @RBurkeKearney for information the second they hear it.

The next four days are going to be awash with information coming out of the convention, but you can count on us to keep telling you the truth. See you there.




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