Bethesda has announced they will be bringing Kinect support to Skyrim on the Xbox 360. The update, hinted at back in February in Bethesda’s Skyrim Game Jam, will be released later this month and will be free. Now you’ll be able to wake up your entire household shouting Fus Ro Dah at your television set.

In the same post, Bethesda has also announced the first set of game add-ons which will be exclusive to the Xbox 360 will also be coming soon. Below is some of the post from Bethesda. Head over to the BethBlog to read the full announcement. You can view the official Kinect shout announcement trailer below.

“A full list of Voice Commands will be revealed in the coming weeks, and we’ve got more Skyrim news coming. Bethesda Game Studios has been hard at work on creating the first set of game add-ons that will be exclusive to the Xbox 360. This additional content will add new quests, locations, features, and much more to the world of Skyrim. Stay tuned for more details.”

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