During an interview with IGN at GamesCom, Overstrike creative director, and nine year Ratchet & Clank veteran, Brian Allgeier, spoke about how his team plans to give PS3 and Xbox 360 owners the same experience when their first multiplatform title – Overstrike – hits next year…

“It’s been a very exciting period for us… We’re retooling our technology and our engine to support both platforms. I think a lot of people might make the assumption that we’re developing for the PlayStation and then we’ll just port it over to the Xbox, but that is not the case at all. We’re developing one experience that can be ported to both platforms, and it will be the same experience.”

“It’s our own proprietary engine that we started developing three years ago. It’s all built from the ground up, and certainly we have a lot of the same experts who developed our previous engine that are applying a lot of the same components and concepts in terms of developing it, but it’s pretty much brand new.

“What players saw in the trailer is what our target has always been, so that’s what we’re planning on hitting.”

Thanks TJ!

Source: IGN