When IO Interactive sends Agent 47 back to action this year he’ll be given the luxury of assassinating people inside the developers new Glacier 2 Engine — an engine capable of rendering 1200 NPCs on-screen at a single time.

According to the developer, “these dense crowds allow players to interact with and influence the behavior of each person in the crowd.” The report from Side Missions continues by saying “IO Interactive says Glacier 2 makes it possible to achieve a crowd of 1200 characters while still running at 30 frames per second on current generation consoles.”

The new engine will get a full reveal at GDC when lead physics programmer Kasper Fauerby demos how 1200 NPCs on-screen will be possible with Glacier 2, and what the engine can mean for future games.

Just when you think we’ve seen all we can from this generation of consoles IO Interactive proves us otherwise. Needless to say, we’re excited to see this tech in action. For now, we’ll just drool at the screenshot above and below.



Source: Side Missions, Thanks, Attack of the Fanboy

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