Naughty Dog has proved once more that they are the true masters of harnessing the full potential of Sony’s PlayStation 3 architecture. Thus far, The Last of Us has impressed the entire staff beyond belief with the photo realistic visuals, perfect performance, complimented by the best animation blending and motion capturing techniques we seen to date.

Come join us as we put The Last of Us under our “Lens” to give you a Heads Up on the thus far. If anyone has had the opportunity to play the demo please let us know what you think in the comments section below. As for us we’re absolutely blow away, just image the Last of Us 2 on PlayStation 4. Naughty Dog we love you!

The Last of Us: Stats
Clip 1 info:
Length of clip: 1260 frames
Average FPS of clip: 30.00
Percent of torn frames: 0.0
Clip 2 info:
Length of clip: 706 frames
Average FPS of clip: 30.00
Percent of torn frames: 0.0
Global percent of torn frames: 0.0
Global average FPS: 30.00



*To ensure color accuracy from the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U output, the PlayStation 3 has RGB Full Range set to "Full" and Super White "On", and the Xbox 360 has Reference Level set to "Expanded" and HDMI Color Space set to "RGB". Our capture card we have captured segments from the AVS HD 709 . Blu-ray, HD DVD, & MP4 Calibration suite.

As you will see, each system matches each other at the SOURCE LEVEL. No contrast or gamma settings are manipulated before or after capturing our images/videos. We strongly believe that these types of corrections are done on a individuals preference and should not be adjusted by us. Finally, washed out looking images that are due to contrast or gamma differences will not have any influence on our final verdicts. Please Read through our F.A.Q page if you have any questions or concerns.*