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We go Head2Head with the latest game in the Wolfenstein franchise.

Thanks to the fine folks at Play N Trade (Oviedo) and Play N Trade (Lake Mary), the Lens of Truth finally had the chance to compare the newest (and mostly overlooked) Wolfenstein. So stick around to see if this latest installment was worth looking over.


Graphically Wolfenstein wasn’t that impressive. Both versions suffered from less than stellar texture work, over use of specularity and poor normal map quality. When the wallpaper in a room appears shiny and has a physical texture similar to concrete you know there in a problem. In certain areas Wolfenstein has to have some of the worst normal maps of any next generation game. Most of the time it appeared the artists just ran the color map through the NVIDIA normal map filter with default settings, resulting in a noisy mess.  Also it was hard to distinguish the differences between a wall with multiple building materials, such as wood and brick, as they would have the same amount of depth. Another issue we had was that some of the normal maps on the buildings appeared inverted. At least the developer was consistent as both games suffered from a lack  of anti-aliasing and the visuals were sub par at best, but nonetheless the graphics were really close.


While playing each version, they looked almost identical. The only real difference visually was the sharpness of the Xbox 360′s textures. The PlayStation 3 tends to filter more aggressively.  Regardless, the differences were so minimal your eyes would never tell the difference, unless however you had both games playing side by side. There was one other thing we noticed, on the Xbox 360. We found a spot where it looked like the polygons were on top of each other, otherwise known as “Z fighting”. Even though the PlayStation 3 did not have this issue we couldn’t deduct points for this isolated instance. It was just another issue that added to the mediocrity of the game.


Performance wise both games seem to be running at around 30 fps. When things get hectic the FPS would rarely drop on the Xbox 360, but that is when the dreaded frame tears would appear. Almost every time you would fire a weapon a screen tear would result. However the PlayStation 3 was completely opposite. We never once saw a frame tear on the PlayStation 3, however we did notice that the frame rate would drop slightly (somewhere in the neighborhood of 24 – 26 fps). Another item to mention was the load times between versions. The PlayStation 3 had a mandatory install weighing in at 682mb. But even with the install the PlayStation 3′s load times still lagged behind by an average of 8 seconds (sometimes longer depending on the level).

Roll over to see the differences.

Roll over to see the differences.


This Head2Head was really close. Although the game wasn’t mind blowing in any way, every once and a while we had fun with it. Although we liked the physics and death animations, it was obvious why this game was overlooked and marketing was close to nothing (I bet you heard of  Batman coming a year before you heard about Wolfenstein). So the verdict? It’s a tie, with the deciding factors being performance and loading. We feel that the slight dip in the frame rate on the PlayStation 3 is far less distracting than the frame tearing on the Xbox 360. But if you pick up the PlayStation 3 version, prepare yourself for longer load times, even with the mandatory install.

PS3 - Win Tie. While nothing visually groundbreaking, it was great to see both systems this close. The Xbox 360 version appeared slightly sharper due to the way the system handles mipmapping, but the both games had equal quality textures.
Xbox 360 - Win

PS3 - Win The PlayStation 3 wins this category due to the lack of frame tearing. We would take a small FPS hit over a constant, but highly torn FPS any day.
Xbox 360 - Win

PS3 - Win The Xbox 360 wins in the loading category by an average of 8 seconds. It is unfortunately that the load times were longer on the PlayStation 3 even with a 682 mb mandatory install. Xbox 360 - Win

PS3 - Win We consider this Head2Head to be a tie. So pick your poison, frame tearing with fast load times or a few frame drops (no tearing) but a longer wait to get into the action.
Xbox 360 - Win

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