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Rollover to see the Difference.  Notice the Xbox 360 version has slightly sharper textures.

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Saints Row: The Third PS3 vs. Xbox 360 Performance Analysis. Out of Box settings: PlayStation 3 v-sync enabled, Xbox 360 v-sync not enabled..

Conclusion: When you look at the overall package as a whole, the PS3 version is the one to buy without a doubt.  Both versions sport quick load times with very small visual advantages and disadvantages, but the performance aspect of the game was just one sided.  If you go with the PS3, you have perfect performance all around.  If you opt for the 360 version however, you will have to make a choice of whether you want massive screen tearing or noticeable frame rate hits.  With that in mind, it is foolish to have to choose one when another version can give you the whole package.

One Final Note: Those who purchase Saints Row: The Third NEW for the PlayStation 3 will be entitled to download Saints Row 2 free of charge by using the online pass code included. This offer is only good until February 13th. Saints Row 2 is currently priced at $19.99 on the PSN, making the PS3 package an even sweeter deal. Again, this has no influence on the final Head2Head result.


There’s really nothing to decide here. The PS3 version wins almost every category in this Head2Head. The fact that the Xbox had so much screen tearing makes me wonder which platform this was developed on…

Xbox 360 - Win
Shawn “…an easy PS3 choice …
This one was easy, the PS3 wins this Head2Head without a doubt. Even though I’ll probably pass on Saints Row: The Third right now, I do recommend picking up the Ps3 version for those who are. 
Xbox 360 - Win
Jaime “…easy win for the PS3…
The visual differences are to small to matter in my eyes.  The performance however is another story.  I prefer to have my cake and eat it too. Xbox 360 - Win
Jason R “…Totally one sided…


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