“Which version of Resident Evil 5 will send shivers down your spine? “

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Can you spot the differences.

Resident evil 5 was our first attempt at a live Head2Head and we couldn’t have had a better time with this one. The best part of this comparison was the fact that we had input from our fans while doing this Head2Head. But before we get down and dirty let’s start with a brief history of RE5 and then we can get into the nitty gritty details of the winner in this epic franchise.

The biohazard isn’t over yet! Just when you thought the threat of Resident Evil had met his maker, along comes a new horror that sends chills down your spine like a demon in the night. We meet Chris Redfield who is the returning Resident Evil hero. Chris has always had the pleasure of following evil around the world and this time is no exception. He heads to Africa where the latest bio-terrorism threat is transforming the people and animals of the city into mindless blood sucking creatures that want nothing more than to rip you apart. He is united by a new partner, Sheva Alomar who provides her skills and resources to Chris in his new found missions. Chris and Sheva must work together to survive and discover the truth behind one man’s evil plot against the world. So with out further a due let’s see which Resident Evil 5 won this battle as the champion of the dead.


The first thing that caught our eyes was the crazy attention to detail with all the characters. Capcom has created some of the most realistic characters models we’ve seen to date, and the realism carries over from each platform flawlessly. Aside from the slight color differences both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions look almost identical next to each other. Resident Evil 5 uses the newest generation of 3D virtual camera and motion capture technology creating some of the most realistic lip-sync and character movements to date. Again Capcom transitions these effects between platforms without compromise.


But unfortunately there where some minor differences between these two games and the most noticeable was the slightly blurry textures found with the PS3 version. Also the PS3 had some  shadow banding going on in the distance, but could easily be overlooked while playing such an action packed adventure. Don’t be fooled though, both versions suffered from some type of performance glitch. The Xbox 360 version had some noticeable screen tearing while the PS3 version dropped the occasional frame. The fact is that the Xbox 360 version of the game is locked at 30fps but had the visual screen tearing was a constant reminder that all was not perfect on the Xbox 360.


In the end the Xbox 360 version comes out on top hosting sharper textures, slightly more particles effects and a more consistence frame rate while in the heat of battle. Either way Capcom has come through strong with this port by covering every angle that defines what a cross platform game should contain. This was one of the closest visual comparisons we’ve encounter and reinforces the fact that Capcom is one of those elite developers in this generation. We’d liked to thank all fans that were involved in the live broadcast. They certainly helped point out some spots to compare and also helped us confirm what we all saw too.

Roll over the image to see the differences. Notice the mic shadow.

Roll over the image to see the differences. Notice the Xbox 360 has slightly sharper textures.

PS3 - Win Looking at these two games side by side almost blend together like coffee and cream, but the PS3 version had a tad less cream. With its slightly sharper textures and the absence of shadow banding the Xbox 360 comes out with the slight victory.
Xbox 360 - Win

PS3 - Win Tie. While the Xbox 360 has some minor screen tearing the PS3 has the tendency to drop frames, setting this category to a dead lock.
Xbox 360 - Win

PS3 - Win Tie. Both version where equally frustrating to control with an outdated control scheme. Honestly the control on both version really could have greatly improved with some minor tweaking.
Xbox 360 - Win

PS3 - Win Tie. Considering the PS3 version had a mandatory 5GB install, which dropped 2 sec off the load times, the Xbox 360 needed no such requirement for load times. 
Xbox 360 - Win

Xbox 360 - Win Xbox 360 barley wins this Head2Head. No matter what platform you decide to zombie bash your way through you will not be disappointed. Capcom does an excellent job porting this one between platforms. Props goes out to Capcom for stepping up to deliver an almost identical experience.  
Xbox 360 - Win

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