“Which version of Borderlands escape Pandora’s Box?”

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Head2Head -Broderlands
Length: 00:04:35

We go Head2Head with Borderlands on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.Which version do you think wins this Head2Head? Watch the video to find out.

Thanks to the fine folks at Play N Trade (Oviedo),  Lens of Truth was able to get our hands on the highly anticipated Borderlands for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.  Borderlands is a first-person shooter RPG developed by Gearbox that utilizes the Unreal Engine 3.  For those that love the quest-driven RPG with lots of shooting, maiming, and blowing stuff up:  you won’t be disappointed.  Sporting a random content-generation similar to Diablo and literally millions of different weapons, there’s plenty of explosions to go around.  So which version of Borderlands should you bring home?  Read on to find out.


Graphics: The graphics comparison was a little interesting.  On one hand, the PlayStation 3 had a few sharper, higher resolution textures than the Xbox 360.  On the other hand, the Xbox 360 toted some impressive effects that the PlayStation 3 lacked, such as Screen Space Ambient Occlusion (SSAO), sharper shadow maps, and a pretty sweet-looking light bloom effect during certain times of the day.  Due to the circumstances, we felt that the effects implemented by the Xbox 360 were more CPU-intensive and harder to pull off than the higher resolution textures on the PlayStation 3, so this edge goes to the Xbox 360.


Performance: Unfortunately, the performance  wasn’t very impressive on either system.  There were some consistent frame issues on both consoles whenever a gun was fired.  The PlayStation 3 seemed to tear a few frames for no reason sometimes, and definitely didn’t do so well during the cut scenes.  Although the framerate was comparable between the two systems, the Xbox 360 tore less.  Overall we gave this win to the Xbox 360.

PlayStation 3 Avg. FPS: 28.57 / Xbox 360 Avg. FPS: 28.72
PlayStation 3 Avg. Frame Tear: 21.71% / Xbox 360 Avg. Frame Tear: 13.79%


Loading: The PlayStation 3 had a mandatory install of 2371MB but still couldn’t catch up to the Xbox 360.  With an average initial loading time of 21 seconds less than the PlayStation 3, this win goes to the Xbox 360.

Roll over to see the differences. Here we compare the different HDMI settings between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.


Roll over to see the differences. Notice the SSAO on the Xbox 360 at the cost of lower resolution textures.


Roll over to see the differences. Notice the bloom effect present on the Xbox 360.


Roll over to see the differences. The PlayStation 3 sports clearer textures.


Roll over to see the differences. SSAO under Claptrap and world objects.


Roll over to see the differences. SSAO on the Xbox 360 at the cost of texture quality.

Roll over to see the differences.


Roll over to see the differences.



Roll over to see the differences. Notice the texture quality on the PlayStation 3.


Conclusion: Again, if you’re a big fan of a quest-driven plot to blow stuff up on an alien planet, you can’t go wrong with this game on either console.  Borderlands employs a unique blend of ideas from other games and genres that we already love and won’t leave you disappointed.  If you want the more enjoyable trip to Pandora, pick up the Xbox 360 version.  Although not perfect, the Xbox 360 version had less screen-tearing (~13% compared to ~21%), took less time to load (35 seconds compared to 56 seconds), and was more impressive visually than its PlayStation 3 counterpart.  As can be seen in our analysis video, sometimes the PlayStation 3 tore for seemingly no reason.  The Xbox 360 version comes out on top in this Head2head.


  G R A P H I C S  
PS3 - Win Xbox 360 implements Screen Space Ambient Occlusion, sharper shadow maps, and a light bloom effect which outweigh the PlayStation 3′s occasional higher resolution textures. Xbox 360 - Win
  P E R F O R M A N C E  
PS3 - Win Xbox 360 performed better than the PlayStation 3 by tearing much less.  Although the Xbox 360 wasn’t tear-free, it was a significant improvement over the PlayStation 3′s 21%. Xbox 360 - Win
  L O A D I N G  
PS3 - Win Xbox 360 took much less time to load, despite the PlayStation 3 having a mandatory install.
Xbox 360 - Win
  O U T C O M E  
PS3 - Win Xbox 360 has the victory with more impressive visuals, less screen tearing, and shorter load times.
Xbox 360 - Win

  C O M M E N T S C H O I C E
 This games just baffles me. Why does the winning console have the weaker textures? But you can’t give a win to one system for having only better textures, can you? The Xbox wins this game for having the more solid build, but give the PS3 some props for putting up a good fight. Xbox 360 - Win
John “…This game just baffles me  
 Although the Xbox 360 version did win on paper, the PS3 version was more visually appealing to me. Also the SSAO that was only on the Xbox 360 versions looked like it was implement wrong, especially in the cut scenes. For me the game with the better textures is the clear winner. Xbox 360 - Win
Shawn “…I’m going with the better textures  
I love RPGs, and this first person shooter style definitely appeals to me.
It’s got some humorous moments too, which is a plus.  I’ll probably pick it
up for the 360 because it tore less, and because of the controller.  The
trigger buttons feel more natural… like I’m actually shooting something.
Xbox 360 - Win
“… The first person shooter style appeals to me  

Which version of Borderlands do you think is better?

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