Welcome back for a “sneak peak” Analysis for the Battlefield 4: Beta build. Yesterday, Battlefield 4 Beta Demo became publicly available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. This gave us an opportunity to do a preliminary frame rate analysis on these two builds. Now before you start asking why we would do an analysis on a beta build, give us a chance to explain.

As some of you might remember, Battlefield 4 was showcased at this years E3 press conference, and the demo that was being played looked absolutely mind blowing. Again, we are fully aware of the recent beta demo is an early build that was released to stress test server integrity. We feel EA should have kept this beta behind closed doors and here’s why.

Both demos weighed in around 1.6 GB respectively, eliminating a much needed HD Texture pack that’s usually included with the full game. Without such upgrades, the graphics on both versions looked down right terrible. Granted, Battlefield 4 architecture is designed around being completely scalable, but the lack of texture detail and lighting effects throughout left us very concerned about how the final product may turn out.

This brings us to our final topic, performance. Unfortunately, the performance was also a big let down for one version. As seen in our analysis stats below, the Xbox 360 version struggled to keep from screen tearing throughout the entire capture session. In some instances the Xbox 360 version was screen tearing in mid view even though we were completely stationary. On the flip side, the PlayStation 3 version wasn’t tear free but was definitely contained mostly in the upper portion of the screen. For the most part, both version managed to maintain an average 30 fps with the occasional frame rate dip, but during intense action the Xbox 360 version seem to dip more often.

Lastly, considering this was a beta build and the exact build version is unknown to the public, we can only hope that this build was a very early version focused mainly on server stress testing, but the real question is why even release it to the public looking so unfinished? First impressions are everything and after playing this beta build we were not impressed! Make sure to check out our Screenshot Comparison here.

PlayStation 3: Stats Xbox 360: Stats
Clip 1 info:
Length of clip: 9538 frames
Average FPS of clip: 29.92
Percent of torn frames: 1.53
Clip 1 info:
Length of clip: 9538 frames
Average FPS of clip: 29.71
Percent of torn frames: 29.71
Clip 2 info:
Length of clip: 6692 frames
Average FPS of clip: 28.54
Percent of torn frames: 1.0
Clip 2 info:
Length of clip: 6692 frames
Average FPS of clip: 29.72
Percent of torn frames: 6.72
Global percent of torn frames: 1.92
Global average FPS: 29.35
Global percent of torn frames: 24.41
Global average FPS: 29.36



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*To ensure color accuracy from the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and Wii U output, the PlayStation 3 has RGB Full Range set to "Full" and Super White "On", and the Xbox 360 has Reference Level set to "Expanded" and HDMI Color Space set to "RGB". Our capture card we have captured segments from the AVS HD 709 . Blu-ray, HD DVD, & MP4 Calibration suite.

As you will see, each system matches each other at the SOURCE LEVEL. No contrast or gamma settings are manipulated before or after capturing our images/videos. We strongly believe that these types of corrections are done on a individuals preference and should not be adjusted by us. Finally, washed out looking images that are due to contrast or gamma differences will not have any influence on our final verdicts. Please Read through our F.A.Q page if you have any questions or concerns.*