Microsoft is really pushing Kinect, so much so that their recently announced Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary Edition will even support Kinect integration. Thankfully, the re-release will not require you to use the feature…


Below is an excerpt from a GameSpot video interview with Microsoft Game Studios general manager Phil Spencer .

“As a first party, we believe that Kinect will be important to all genres of games, be it racing games with Forza, combat games like Ryse — even games like Halo Anniversary has Kinect integration,”

Some fans were upset at the announcement, wondering if the game would require you to use the peripheral, but Microsoft has since released this statement to put some minds at ease.

“Just to let everybody know, the Kinect features we’re exploring with Halo: Anniversary are optional and won’t affect your core gameplay experience. Our mission, from day one, has been to deliver a faithful recreation of the original game, and we remain dedicated to seeing that through to completion.”

Considering how hard Microsoft pushed Kinect at E3, this is really no surprise. If you happen to be picking up Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, will you be playing the game using Kinect? Let us know.