Below is a GamesCom Trailer of Gotham City Impostors. The trailer Dubbed: “Customization Trailer” shows us how easy it is to create a cool and unique “impostor” character.  What is Gotham City Impostors you ask?

“Get Ready, Gotham… Hatched from the twisted minds at Monolith Productions, Gotham City Impostors is a download-only multiplayer FPS that pits violent vigilantes dressed up like Batman against craven criminals dressed up like the Joker in open warfare on the streets of Gotham City. Gotham City Impostors will be available for download on the PC, PlayStation Network and Xbox LIVE in 2012. So get that trigger finger nice and itchy, smear on some clown makeup or don your homemade cowl, because it’s time to take Gotham!”

Check out the video below… Kinda reminds me of Team Fortress.