The first gameplay video, screenshots and details from the recently announced, God of War: Ascension are making their way around in Internet today. The game will feature 4 vs. 4 multiplayer inside four different online modes.

Below you’ll find the official press release from Sony, fresh screenshots and a just released gameplay video. After you you read and watch, let us know what you think about the God of War’s latest adventure.

“For the first time ever in a God of War game, players can compete in online or offline multiplayer battles that combine the fierce combat and scale of the franchise with a unique gameplay experience. Built off of the heart and soul of the single-player campaign, this brand new option can include up to eight players and offers a variety of different multiplayer modes, along with customizable avatar warriors with a range of weapons, armor, and more.”

“Set in the realm of Greek mythology, God of War: Ascension is an epic adventure that allows players to take on the climactic role of the ex-Spartan warrior Kratos as he finds a way to break the blood oath that binds him to the god, Ares. Six months after being tricked into killing his wife and child, a younger Kratos is sentenced to a life of madness with the Furies, caged in a titan sized prison for the living damned. Fighting insanity, his will is tested to the limit as he seeks to break his bond and gain the clarity to seek revenge on Ares for his part in the death of his family. Armed with double-chained blades, Kratos must take on mythology’s darkest creatures while solving intricate puzzles throughout his merciless quest for redemption.”

Game Director Todd Papy tells Joystiq, The purpose this four-on-four multiplayer mode, which is called “Execution,” is to take control of the map in order to earn rewards from the gods, so that one team can dispatch Polyphemus. After capturing multiple gears on the map that control Polyphemus’s chains, the gods award the Spartan soldiers with the Spear of Olympus, giving them the power needed to dispatch the behemoth.”

“The mode fluctuates from attack and defend, forcing Sparta to hold the points from Troy as they attempt to destroy Polyphemus. If Troy regains control of the areas, Polyphemus resets his original position and the fickle Zeus takes the Spear away. “When you think about gods, in particular in Greek mythology, they’re always messing with the mortals,”.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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