The latest entry in the Ghost Recon series, Future Soldier, hits stores next week on May 22nd. Who cares if its any good, Ubisoft already has the first DLC ready and waiting for you to purchase on July 3rd for $9.99.

The “Arctic Strike Map Pack” will include new maps, a new multiplayer mode, weapons “to give you the supreme edge over your enemies,” and a co-op map for the game’s Guerilla Mode.

While the game and map pack for that matter might be worth the purchase, it would have been nice for Ubisoft to a least wait until Future Soldier hit stores, and then, wait maybe even two more weeks to announce this DLC. It certainly feels like the “Arctic Strike Map Pack” was headed in the same direction as Mass Effect 3′s “From Ashes” DAY ONE DLC, however, thanks to the backlash EA and BioWare received over said DLC, Ubisoft changed their plans. But hey, that’s just one gamer’s opinion.

Source: TVGB

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