EPIC has released the third DLC pack for Gears of War 3. The Fenix Rising Map Pack includes four character skins, a new experience system and five maps in total: four are new and one old favorite…Escalation! Below is the full list of maps and character skins included in the pack.

New maps: Academy, Anvil, Depths, Escalation, and the Slab.

New character skins: Recruit Clayton, Thrashball Cole – Limited Edition, Savage Marauder and Savage Kantus – Limited Edition.

Also included in the Pack is a new experience system that allows players to rank up through level 100 four times to unlock exclusive emblems and weapon skins. Dedicated Gears players who reach (or have reached) level 100 will now get the chance to “Re-up” three times. This option will reset your experience and rank, but all other progression (such as TrueSkill rating) will remain intact. Players will then earning new wings colours each time they Re-up — Red, Green, and Gold.

If you purchased the Gears of War 3 Season Pass late last year you’ll be able to snag this pack for free (well, not really for free since you already paid for it), for everyone else the Fenix Rising pack will cost you 800 Microsofts Points, or $10.00.

Source: Epic Games