vc_arcade_logo.jpg At the Nintendo’s GDC keynote this morning, company president Satoru Iwata announced a new system update for the Wii. For starters,  The Virtual Console recieved a new system titled “Virtual Console Arcade” as well as four games to get it started. In addition, the much overdue feature to launch a game from your SD card is finally available in this new system update.

Included in today’s releases are three games from Namco. First is Mappy, the ultimate cat and mouse game released in arcades in 1983. Next, the maze styled The Tower of Druaga from 1984. Last from Namco is their 1984 follow-up to Galaga, Gaplus. The other game is Star Force (1984) a 2D vertical shooter brought to us by Tecmo. Three of the games are 500 Wii Points, while Gaplus is the oddball at 600 points. Nintendo should have went with some other game’s to kick off the system’s launch but I can’t really complain because the addition of the “Arcade” is great news for the Virtual Console.

vc_iwata.jpg Iwata also gave VC players another reason to be happy. Finally Nintendo gives us the ability to load a stored Virtual Console game from a SD card. The feature comes in a new Wii update available today. This is a big plus if you’re running out of Wii system memory. Before today playing a game from a SD card was not possible and required you copy the game back to you system memory to play it. If your system memory happened to be full, it’s time to delete something and re-download it at a later date. This process becomes a real pain, so this is a much needed and overdue update.

Mappy                                                                                         The Tower of Duraga

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Star Force                                                                                  Gaplus

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