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“Prepare for the Future”

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Some scenes from Fallout 3′s story,(gory) V.A.T.S. Gameplay, & the Destruction of Megaton – one of the game’s most important cities.

+ The Good - The Bad
+ V.A.T.S. Gore
+ Customization
+ The Story, and World it takes place in.
- Screen Tearing
- Underground areas get repetitive.
Aaron “…a 16 square mile area with almost no boundaries…”

There is so much I love about Fallout 3 it’s tough to pick a spot to begin. I’ll start with V.A.T.S. (Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System) which has to be one of the greatest things I’ve seen in a game (also, one of the goriest). V.A.T.S. allows players to target specific points of an enemy – arms, legs, weapons – what body part do you want to shoot, because in V.A.T.S. you can. From near or far (depending on your character’s development which is incredibly deep) targeting and shooting things has never been this fun (and I swear I’m not a violent person!). V.A.T.S. is only the first in a long line of positives about the game.

Another – The game’s story – is my favorite of last year. After a fantastic 30 minute opening sequence your character is thrown (for the first time ever, mind you) into “The Capital Wasteland” – a 16 square mile area with almost no boundaries, the freedom to do whatever you’d like, and only one current objective – to continue the main story but only if you please. For me, the most enjoyable part of open ended games like Fallout 3 is freedom and exploration, and that’s no different here. You never know who or what you can find out in the Capital Wasteland, and with over 100 locations to discover, you’ll have no shortage of adventuring to do. Don’t worry, discovering a new location on the map grants you the ability to fast travel to it, so getting around the wasteland will eventually become a quick task.

All map actions as well as anything to do with your equipment, items, and or quests are made through your super cool Pipboy 3000 (a device given to you at age 10 in Vault 101). The Pipboy is strapped to your wrist like a watch and brings up your main menu. It fits into the game’s universe perfectly. You’ll never feel like you’re pausing the game, just looking at your Pipboy for help and information. Overall, Fallout 3 looks great – most textures are sharp, the water is some of the best I’ve seen and character models can be so good they’re scary…literally. The music is also a perfect fit for your journey through the wasteland – it’s eerie when it needs to be and thunderous when it’s time for a fight.

The game does suffer from some noticeable screen tearing when the action revs up, one of the only bad things about Fallout 3. Another negative would be some repetitive “underground” exploration – most of these areas seem a little too similar in an otherwise, very different world. But these defects really can’t hurt the impressive overall package that is Fallout 3. Is it worth the $60? Oh yeah, and then some.

+ The Good - The Bad
+ Giant World
+ Mission Variety
+ Longevity
- Screen Tearing
- Collision
- Some Repetitive Environments
Todd “…the exploration and combat does not stop…”

I am a big fan when it comes to giant open world RPG’s and Fallout 3 did not disappoint, following in the likes of Oblivion and then improving. From the start, you begin the game as an infant, being born and then growing up. The story takes place in a post apocalyptic version of the 1950′s and follows you as you search for answers about what happened to your father, whats happening outside, and how it all ties together. The environments are amazing and the story will grab you.

Whether you’re talking about a giant gameplay world, a variety of missions, or the tons of locations you can discover, this game will keep you busy for hours. The game can be played in first person or third and the exploration and combat does not stop.. Another cool addition to Fallout 3 is V.A.T.S. This allows you to pause combat and target specific parts of the enemy’s body to attack. There were a few down sides however, like some screen tearing, collision problems and some repetitive environments. There are many more pro’s than con’s and the few problems the game did have did not take away from the experience or stop the fun at any point.

As you play through the game, you will have to make many moral decisions. These decisions will give your character good or bad karma, which in turn, decides your character’s overall personality as good, bad, or neutral. Collecting items to make weapons, finding all locations or listening to radio broadcasts and era music are all things that give this game plenty of replay value and longevity. Not to mention all the amazing DLC that Bethesda keeps feeding us. I think Fallout 3 is a must try for anyone that hasn’t experienced it yet and it was a must buy for my collection.

+ The Good - The Bad

+ V.A.T.S + Karma System                        + Massive World to Explore

- Too Many Glitches
Jason “…after taking your first few steps the view is almost breathtaking…”

To begin this review, I want to start off by informing the readers I have never played the previous two Fallout games for the PC. So this review is solely based on my console experience. Fallout 3 follows in the footsteps of Oblivion with its overwhelmingly impressive and vast world to explore. When you reach the scenic overlook after taking your first few steps the view is almost breathtaking. There are no boundaries or path to follow if the player chooses not to. You can explore the 16 square miles of terrain as long as one desires. Interacting with all the different inhabitants of this world affects how they view your character and also distinguishes your character as good or evil using a karma system. All your actions manipulate this system and it ultimately changes the entire experience within Fallout 3.

There is so much to do outside of the story missions that two people may not have the same outcome throughout the game. It is almost like playing two different games. The battle system is a run and gun style but with the addition of the V.A.T.S. system. V.A.T.S. freezes the gameplay and the player can target individual enemies, or their body parts to cripple them, or the enemies weapon to destroy it. This is one of the best improvements to the game. As with all the previous Bethesda games, after leveling up you distribute skill points to power up your character. Perks are also awarded at certain levels or by completing quests. These perks are permanent bonuses or skills the player can choose from.

Fallout 3 did take a lot of the good from Oblivion but it also took the bad along. Fallout 3 is riddled with glitches and lockups that occasionally get extremely frustrating. The battle music and narrated dialogue are constantly not queued up at the right times or there is an echo effect. This is easily overlooked but the outright freezing and frame skipping does get annoying. There have been several occasions when I had to reboot my Xbox and start a quest over. These problems would normally destroy a games score but the good karma vastly outweighs the bad karma in this game. Fallout 3 is an amazing RPG which should be included in any gamer’s collection.


Fallout 3

Publisher: Bethesda
Genre: Action RPG
Release Date: 10/28/2008
ESRB: Mature