Tomorrow, Konami will be releasing Silent Hill Downpour on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. Downpour is being developed by Vatra Games, and is their first game for either console. The first reviews for Downpour are starting to trickle in now, have a look below to see if this trip to the Hill is one worth taking.

Game Informer – “I don’t regret my time with Silent Hill: Downpour, but mediocrity hung over most of my playthrough like a fog. Vatra Games shows real potential for becoming a developer that can tell great stories, but nurturing one narrative yarn would be better than juggling two ho-hum tales. I left this Silent Hill with the same feeling I have after walking out of most haunted houses near closing time – a little annoyed at having cages lazily rattled at me.” 7 / 10

IGN – “The most frustrating thing about Silent Hill Downpour isn’t the lousy combat, dull exploration, or even the technical gaffes. It’s the fact that every now and then while playing through the game’s story, you’ll see signs of brilliance; sunlight hinted from behind the overcast sky. From the Otherworld sequences to the interesting protagonist as well as the way the very town itself is molded to Murphy’s past all make for a game that could’ve really been something special for the series. However, all of the aforementioned issues play their role in making Downpour an unfun, disappointing experience.” 4.5 / 10

Gamespot – “Silent Hill: Downpour makes some questionable tweaks to the established formula, but those decisions distinguish it from the rest of the series. You may not agree with all of Vatra’s choices, but they succeed in making an old town feel new again. And when it’s the eighth installment in the series, that is quite an accomplishment.”  7.5 / 10

It’s early but overall the consensus seems to be that Silent Hill Downpour is a bit of a let down, especially seeing as how fans have been awaiting a new game from the series for quite some time.

Source: Metacritic