2010 was quite a year for gaming. Throughout the year we saw AAA title after AAA title be released at an alarming pace. Although our wallets suffered, this was great news and a great year for gamers.  If you were lucky enough to play as many games as we did, you know all about the special moments you encountered throughout the year.  Now that 2010 is coming to a close we thought this would be the perfect time to take a quick look back and try to decided on which of these moments moved us the most. So come on in and take a look at our choices for the 5 best moments in gaming for 2010.  Oh by the way, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT here folks!!!

Alan Wake – Childern of the Elder God

For us here at the Lens, Alan Wake was one of the most under appreciated games this year. Sporting a great story and atmosphere, Alan Wake exceeded all expectations, and The Children of the Elder God episode was the best of all. A giant outdoor arena in the middle of your family’s farm equipped with Kiss style pyrotechnics…oh by the way, it’s also the backdrop for one of the game’s most intense battles. This made our top 5 easily.

Call of Duty: Black Ops – Your final order…

Usually FPS games don’t have much of a campaign to go along with them (Halo aside), but Tryarch gave us a pleasant surprise with their latest CoD installment. Granted nothing new or groundbreaking was included in the campaign, but there was this code that everyone kept haunting you about. Well, once you really find out what the code means, the campaign took on a whole new feeling. I guess there really was someone on that grassy knoll.

Halo: Reach – The Fall of Reach

We knew this one was coming but even so, the fall of Planet Reach was one of the most dramatic moments we’ve witnessed all year. Team Noble’s Job; to deliver Cortana (who holds the last chance for the human race to defeat the Covenant) to Captain Keys located on the Pillar of Autumn. After successfully delivering “the package”, Noble 6, the last remaining member of Team Noble decides to call Reach his final resting place. After the Autumn takes off, Halo fans are left on the soon to be destroyed planet with only one objective left – SURVIVE. An epic ending, not only to this outstanding prequel, but also to Bungie’s run with the incredible Halo series.

Red Dead RedemptionThe Death of John Marston

It isn’t often that the main star of a game gets taken out of action before the end credits roll, so when this happened to RDR star John Marston, we were absolutely stunned. After a long life of crime, Mr. Marston has finally decided to settle down with his wife and son. All is well until and “old friend” form John’s past shows up with, oh yeah, the newly formed US Army following. After getting his family to safety, John notices he is completely surrounded. Rather then surrender, John chooses to go out in a blaze of glory. Don’t worry though, because the game isn’t over, little Marston is still left to seek out revenge for dear old Dad.

God of War III - The Fate of a Titian

What can we say, this wasn’t an ending or even close to the end of the game, but when something as amazing as this battle with Cronos (a Titan and the Father of Zeus) takes place, you better reconize. We know we did. When we first heard that God of War III was being developed we knew “something wonderful” was going to happen. Did we expect the most intense, exciting, over the top battle we’ve ever had in a video game? Not at all. Each time we see this technical marvel in action, we act like giddy little school girls. Even with 2010 giving us the fall of an entire planet and the death of a main character, this moment took the number one spot in a unanimous vote. If you haven’t seen this yet, do yourself a favor and click that play button.

We know it’s impossible that everyone is going to agree with our picks, so we’ve put together a poll of a few more great moments from 2010. If you feel we missed one of your favorite moments let us know and we’ll add it to the poll. After the New Year we’ll put together a post of our users top moments from 2010.

What were your favorite moments of 2010?

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