*Possible Spoiler* Fans are pretty upset with the ending to Mass Effect 3 apparently. A recent poll over on the BioWare forums has gathered nearly 30,000 votes, with an overwhelming 89% of the votes going towards the “Endings suck, we want a brighter one” choice.

Not only is there a poll, the group also began a Facebook page which has gotten over 15,000 “Likes” in just a few days, as well as a Twitter account with 2,000 followers.

No one on our staff has finished Mass Effect 3 as of this writing, and no , we don’t want to know what happens if you have. If you have however, are you disappointed in the game’s endings? If so, what would you like BioWare to do about (really what can they do about it?). Let us know below…without spoiling it.

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