Fans of the Elder Scrolls series know that when they grab their copy of Skyrim on November 15th, they’ll be entering an actual living breathing world which most expect to stay immersed in well into the new year. However, if you wanted to, the game can actually be completed in just over two hours.

At Bethesda’s traditional speed run championships, QA man, Sam Berstein (pictured on right), finished Skyrim in 2 hours, 16 minutes and 10 seconds. Second place went to level designer, Jeff Brown, who completed Skyrim with a time of  2:16:30.

With the amount of side quests, character leveling up, and overall things to do in Skyrim, we are 99% positive that no gamer picking this one up will attempt to finish it as fast as they can, however it’s pretty interesting to know that the game can be completed with just over two hours of playtime. We can accurately say that if your playing Skyrim just to see how fast you can complete the game, there is most likely something wrong with you (no offence) :)

Source: Product Reviews