It looks like Battlefield 3 will be implementing the “online Pass” feature for Battlefield 3.  If you can recall, a few months months ago  in an interview with GamerZines, Patrick Bach eluded to the fact that Battlefield 3 will have an online pass-esqe system in place for used copies. He refrained from calling it an online pass, Patrick explained:

“I don’t think it’s an online pass, I think it’s our own backend. I’m not sure I want to call our system an online pass.”

Today, Alan Kertz, DICE’s Core Gameplay Designer, was asked by a fan on twitter, “do you need to buy a new battlefield 3 to play xbox live?” Alan responded ”You can also purchase an online pass for a used copy.”

Although the response was very vague, it did however confirm that DICE will be using an “online pass” method. Regardless, this news should come as no surprise since EA has already been very active in the “Online pass” program.  What do you guys think, is this news unexpected or did you pretty much know this was coming?