Details on Bungie’s next game have been revealed through documents from an Activision court case. The game is code named “Destiny”, and is a new science-fantasy, action shooter franchise. The documents have also revealed the new IP will have four full games with the first set to release Fall, 2013.

The full schedule of Destiny games looks like this: The first game will be released Fall, 2013 on the Xbox 360 as well as “the next successor console platform released by Microsoft,” which the contract actually refers to as Xbox 720, IGN reports. Sequels will then follow in 2015, 2017, and 2019. Bungie will also release four DLC expansions code named “Comet” in 2014, 2016, 2018 and 2020. Comet expansions will “be compatible with the Xbox 360, Xbox 720 and the Sony PlayStation 4.” A PC release is mentioned as well.

The contract mentions Sony’s system by stating the first Destiny title will be released on the PlayStation 3 in the fall of 2014 after a “joint technical feasibility analysis” that will determine whether the game “is able to be developed for the PS3 at quality and feature parity to the Xbox 360 version.

The contract also states that the technical feasibility of a PS3 version of the game should be made “no later than January 31, 2011,” with the business feasibility decision coming “no later than March 31, 2011.” We wonder what happened.

Bungie community manager, DeeJ, has posted the following statement titled “Well, that just happened…” on the company’s official site in response to the recent reports:

“So, yeah. While we’re not ready to show you what we’ve been working on, we can reconfirm that we are hard at work on our new universe. We can’t wait for you to see it.

See you starside in 2013.”

Wow, that’s a lot of information to take in. I’ve never seen a gaming contract look so far ahead into the future with some many details worked out. As is the case with everything this time of year expect more info at E3…hopefully. See you starside in 2013? Yeah, we’re excited, how about you?

Source: L.A. Times [via IGN]