Back in 2007, then GameSpot writer Jeff Gerstmann was reportedly fired from the site for giving a negative review to IO Interactive’s Kane & Lynch. Today, Gerstmann confirmed that sadly, this was the case…

Oddly, the confirmation comes via a video revealing Gerstmann’s present employer, Giant Bomb, will be joining GameSpot’s parent company CBS Interactive.

Gerstmann says he was “called into a room” by CBS management and was “terminated” because he “couldn’t be trusted” as the editorial director due to his poor review of Kane & Lynch.

However, Gerstmann makes it clear that the blame for the whole mess did not lie with GameSpot’s editorial management, nor with Kane & Lynch developers IO Interactive. Gerstmann also notes that the management responsible for his firing are now no longer involved with GameSpot.

Even more interesting is that Gerstman revealed Sony made a similar move by threatening to pull advertisement money from the website if Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction received anything other than a near perfect score. GameSpot awarded Tools of Destruction a 7.5.

Source: Kotaku

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