Capcom has outlined their plans for the coming fiscal year earlier today. What do the new plans have in store? For starters, Capcom will be increasing support for the Xbox 360, and especially, the PlayStation 3, while reducing support for Nintendo Systems…

Capcom has big plans for the PS3, as it expects the system to sell 8 million units across 16 titles. This is far beyond the Xbox 360, from which it forecasts 4.7 million units across 14 titles.

The full chart, with last year’s totals in parentheses, looks like this:

PS3: 16 titles, 8 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
X360: 14 titles, 4.7 million units (11 / 4.2 million)
DS/3DS: 9 titles, 2.4 million units (11 / 1.7 million)
PSP: 11 titles, 2.2 million units (11 / 6.2 million)
PC/Other: 3 titles, 500,000 units (3 / 500,000)
Wii: 2 titles, 200,000 units (5 / 1.4 million)

As the chart shows, Capcom is significantly reducing support for the Wii this year (2 titles), and the DS (9 titles). Capcom and Nintendo have been business partners for what seems like forever – The Resident Evil series was exclusive to Nintendo for a brief period of time even. Is this a smart move by Capcom, especially with the release of a new Nintendo home console on the horizon? Does the release of Monster Hunter for the PlayStation 3 have anything to do with Capcom’s high PS3 expectations? Let us know what you think.

Source: Andriasang