If its not already, that huge Battlefield 3 patch detailed last month will be available today. Two of the more interesting updates are the game’s new “rent a server” option, and the ability to turn of anti-alising on the PS3 version to reduce input lag.

The latest patch also adds a feature known as ‘Rent a Server,’ which will allow you to buy/rent a server for a specified period of time. Pricing structures are; 1 Day: $1.49, 7 Days: $6.99, 30 Days: $24.99 and 90 Days: $64.99

The update also gives PlayStation 3 gamers the ability to shut off anti-alising in hopes of reducing input lag. The update reads as follows: “DISABLE ANTI-ALIASING ON PS3 TO REDUCE INPUT LAG: PlayStation 3 players may now turn off anti-alias in the options menu to reduce input lag.”

The update will be available on PlayStation Network and Xbox Live today, with the PC update coming soon after. To view the ginormous list of fixes, head over to Battlefield.com.

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