[UPDATE] The site has officially updated! It looks like enhanced versions of Baldur’s Gate I and II are in the works. Below is the update.

“Atari, Wizards of the Coast, and Overhaul Games are pleased to announce work has begun on the Enhanced Edition of Baldur’s Gate and Baldur’s Gate II.”

“Since its initial release in 1998, Baldur’s Gate has entertained millions of fans around the globe, and has received countless awards. This classic saga of mystery, intrigue, and adventure has set the standard for Dungeons & Dragons® computer roleplaying games ever since.”

“Overhaul Games has assembled a talented team of artists, programmers and designers to enhance this timeless classic. To remain true to the spirit of the game, the team includes original Baldur’s Gate developers.”

“Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition™ and Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition™ will feature a re-forged version of the Infinity Engine with a variety of modern improvements.”

Original Story

A new Baldur’s Gate website has appeared. As of now, the site offers nothing more then a quote and a countdown, but to what?

When you head over to the site you’ll hear a quote from Forgotten Realms prophet Alaundo: “The Lord of Murder shall perish, but in his doom he shall spawn a score of mortal progeny, chaos will be sown by their passage.”

The source code behind the teaser website includes cryptic references to the Baldur’s Gate series and lore, reports Eurogamer:

  • Shadowy Figure- Raise Dead : Infinity Engine.
  • For years, I clung to the memory of it. Then the memory of the memory.
  • And then… it returned. Better than it was before.
  • Pore over the tapestries and works of art hanging from our walls if you wish, Child of Bhaal… perhaps you will find a clue.
  • But patience, ah… patience would reveal it all. As the silver moon waxes and wanes, so too does life.

GameBanshee reports that BioWare designer Trent Oster and his crew at Beamdog are behind it. Some are speculating the countdown will reveal an iOS, Android, or console port. There’s not much time left left so we’ll find out soon.

Source: Baluder’s Gate

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