Famous for their graphics cards and processors, technology company AMD is the force behind the Xbox 360′s graphics hardware. In the latest issue of Official Xbox Magazine, AMD has made a few interesting claims on the graphical capabilities of the next Xbox…

So what are the claims? AMD ‘claims’ the next Xbox will be capable of the level of graphical detail seen in the incredible James Cameron movie Avatar. Now we all know that even on the best PC money can build, Avatar style graphics are just not possible, yet, AMD is claiming the Xbox 720 will launch with the capability.

AMD did not confirm they were actually working on the next Xbox, however, director of ISV relationships at AMD, Neal Robison, said gamers have a lot to excited about.

Robison goes on to say that the A.I. and physics capabilities of the next-gen hardware will allow for every pedestrian in a game such as Grand Theft Auto or Saints Row to have a totally individual mentality, meaning when you shoot a gun or run someone over they don’t all just do the same thing.  There will be no more mob mentality, where everyone just screams and runs away; every NPC will actually be an individual character.

Some amazing claims here from AMD. If any game system is able to achieve ‘Avatar Style Graphics’ anytime soon that would be pretty amazing to say the least. But what do you guys think, will games on the Xbox 720 look like Avatar? Let us know below.

Source: August issue of OXM (U.S.), Examiner