In their latest issue, Famitsu sat down for an interview with Isamu Kamikokuryo, Art director of FFXIII. When asked if the number of cities and towns would increase in FFXIII-2, Kamikokuryo gave the answer all fans wanted to hear…


When asked: There are many places that were deleted on FF13, will those deleted to be include on FF13-2, Isamu replied – “It won’t come out like the original, however we will use it effectively.”

He was then asked if the number of cities and towns would increase, Isamu answered – “YES. There are variety of towns this time.”

Great news for Final Fantasy fans. The one thing everybody seemed to miss the most in Final Fantasy XIII was traveling to different towns, interacting with the townsfolk and so on. Considering towns have always been a huge part of any world in the many different Final Fantasy games, the absence of them in FFXIII was quite mind boggling.

Excitement for Final Fantasy XIII-2 just went up a notch.

Source: Gamenyusu